TIF WebSite Featured Poetry Archives

these fine creative individuals have been so graced with having their creative works appear
on our ORIGINAL web site as the FEATURED POET, (circa 1994-1996)
a chaoticly infrequent changing spot on our homepage. this is the Archives of past Features..

Caron Andregg San Diego, CA
Carlye Archibeque Los Angeles, CA
Charles Ardinger Huntington Beach, CA
Eric "Bassman" Webber Seattle, WA
Jeni Bate Redondo Bch, CA
Warren Bergen of Edmonton, CANADA
- asked to have his poems removed ...and so they are no longer here.
Derrick Brown from Cypress, CA
Coyote320 TOPY brother from the north.
Holly Day who may have been to Cornwall, but we're just guessing.
Richard Fein Brooklyn, N.Y.
Dan Hall South Pasadena, CA
Virgil Hervey New York
Aileen Holmes Santa Ana,CA (tangyfruitgirl!)
Kristin Irving from Orange, CA.
- asked to have her poems removed ...and so they are no longer here.
Jimmy Jazz San Diego, CA.,
Larry Jaffe Los Feliz, CA
John Kulm cowboy poet frm Washington State
Helena Lazaro Silverlake, CA
Lob Sacramento, CA, Thee Lamb ov Instagon!
Daniel McGinn Whitter, CA
Frank Moore Berkeley,CA, shaman
Christopher Mulrooney, Los Angeles,CA
John O'Brien, Costa Mesa, CA. poet/spoken word artist
Justin Cline aka Opus 23 Seattle, WA
Jaimes Palacio Orange County poet
RD Armstrong aka Raindog Long Beach, CA
Christopher Stolle whom we know nothing about.
G.Murray Thomas, Long Beach,CA Former Editor of NEXT MAGAZINE
Meg Tidgewell Costa Mesa, CA
G.L.Tomlinson Orange County, CA. (RIP)
Shane Torque Seattle,WA
Naomi Salavea Venus, CA
Lizzie Wann
San Diego, CA
Shawn White Oakland, CA
J.Kevin Wolfe Atlanta, GA
Jeremy Zooter Five Los Angeles, CA