is a power electronics noise artist that is somehow connected to TIForg. No one seems to know just exactly where he comes from,...but occasionally he makes wild random comments on facebook, and apparently is still threatening a comeback when the soda he represents is brought back to world recogition as the "worlds most powerful cola". TIForg has attempted to document as much as we can of appearances and releases by this sonic meyhem master fueled by sugar and caffiene.
In the Fall of 2017 Jolt Cola was re-introduced to the world and shortly afterwards Jolthrower made his triumphant comback at Norcal Noisefest 2017...but sadly by the spring of 2020 Jolt Cola was again gone from the stores and Jolthrower made his final (??) appearance at the 2020 virtual Norcal Noisefest

a 3rd album was released in Fall of 2020 on TIForg Recordings
a 4th album, "The Final Sip" is due out in 2021 from Love Earth Music