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GENERAL INFORMATION about Thee Instagon Foundation

Thee Instagon Foundation (TIF)
functions as an "umbrella" moniker covering the creative notions, projects, ideas, and what not
that involve (but are not exclusive to) the conceptual artist and multi-directional creatist named LOB.

LOB creates. He is an idea man, a conceptual artist, a poet, a visualist, a musician, an event coordinator, promoter, manager, and much much more..

Thee music project or "band" called INSTAGON was started by LOB in early 1993 and created using Chaos Theory as an approach to playing music in an ensamble situation.
This application of Chaos Theory, once applied to the "band" concept, gave way to many other ideas and creative endeavors, and thus Thee Instagon Foundation was born.

Thee Instagon Foundation was founded by LOB within the same year that Instagon started using his experiences after a few years of involvement with live events,
art happenings, Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth,North America (TOPYNA), and the Orange County poetry community as a way to give a title to and coordinate
some sort of focus for individuals to realize that all of the different projects that he was doing and propogating were acually from the same source.

Thee Instagon Foundation history timeline
1993-2004 - Orange County, Southern California
2005-2021 - Sacramento, California
2021 - present - Miami, ARIZONA

Thee Instagon Foundation and LOB are currently located in Miami,AZ ..which is a very sweet little rural town.
It is located about 100 miles east of Phoenix and home to he Miami Art Works Gallery & Collective that Lob became a part of in 2021.

Within the 30 years of history that Thee Instagon Foundation carries, it has done many projects
including publishing, running a record label, music, live events, art shows, radio, TV, and more..
for more infomation on these past happenings, please check out the ARCHIVES pages on this website

"Instagon" means spontanaeity. It's a word that Lob coined to explain the moment of spontaniety.
When an individual creates and is in the moment of creating, that moment happens and just as fast moves on and the creation comes to life and becomes something else.
Every creative thought or notion has gone thru this tunnel, and hence when it happens it is gone in an instant.. "INSTAGON"

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