who are Thee Instagon Foundation ??
Well...Thee Instagon Foundation will assume thee title of being a collective ov aArtists in So. California, centered mostly in the Orange County area..although that may change, or remain thee same and we will all evaporate with this being thee standard belief ov everybody. So for now, we will accept this.. This collective we speak of consists ov Writers, Musician, Poets, aArtists, and other CREATIVE MINDED persons focused around thee "band/audio project" called INSTAGON that formed in Orange County in 1993 around performance poet/audio artist LOB, then ov Huntington Beach. Since this time Thee Instagon Foundation has been involved with many things including Live performance happenings, poetry readings, 'zine publishing, a record label, chapbook printing, art showings, web hosting, and any other creative medium that you or we can think of. Thee persons that are showcased and interactive with THIS web site will be herby known as Thee Instagon Foundation..interaction means just that INTERACTION.. involvment.. make contact.. help in some current project.. help promote projects.. help create projects.. Thee Instagon Foundation is a dream i had once...to have some way for creative minded, artistic people and friends that i know to have some way interact and inter-promote each others various creative project and endeavors. Thank you for taking thee time to visit our site. We hope you find something here you like. If you would like to become more involved in Thee Instagon Foundation.
Below is something I wrote in 1993 for the original "what is Instagon" question, enjoy - LOB , Nov. 2001

"Thee Instagon Foundation (TIF) is a collection of writers, thinkers, artists, poets, musicians, magickians, and other types of creative persons. We have bonded together to help each other in the on going promotion of creativity. We feel that there is not one power stronger on this dreary planet that can even attempt to stand next to the incredibly awsome power of pure creative energy... We also feel that one of the easiest ways to feel an amazing surge of this POWER is to practice spontaneous actions in our art. To make art ALIVE from the moment of it's creation and to give it the power to live past that and into it's own destined future....Some of the greatest moments in history have been due to incredible creativity...and furthermore, the timing and quickness (spontaneousness) of such creativity taking place has added to the desired effect more so that any other component. We feel that to believe in CREATIVITY, one believes in the ORIGINAL BELIEF! That which the gods themselves believed in... they believed in the power of CREATIVITY...and thus, according to legends and myths...all known life was "created", or at least mutated out of what was "created". We call out to the creatists of the universe. We create and help each other to promote our creations...some create words....some create objects...some create sounds and bands...some create schemes, some, plans.., some, futures... we never know what we have the power and the capability of creating until we actualy try to do so... We find it more entertaining and more enlightening to create with NEW persons on a continual basis... that is what this call is about... We want YOU to help yerself meet your truest "emotion" (actualy it is more of an instinct..)...and create your own destiny...and we want you to help US create our paths too.. the unknown factor in what may happen when we combine our idears, thoughts, and energies... does not last long... we must learn to recognize it and understand how to take hold of it before it is gone in the instant it was there....INSTAGON.." - Lob, 1993

That gives you the basic ideas behind what Thee Instagon Foundation is about.. since that essay was written.. TIF has grown incredibly and has lots of interaction with artists from all of the world.. continue on...and discover the creative netwerk that is Thee Instagon Foundation

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